Furnace Road Farm|| Ash + Brandon || Baltimore Lifestyle Family Photographer

A farm, a family, 3 ducks, 3 goats, 2 sheep and a cow. Now that’s one big happy life.

Ashley and Brandon are the amazing duo behind Furnace Road Farm, right outside of Baltimore. They have made and incredible home and farm in such a short time (just over a year since buying and completely gutting and renovating the house!). They have hopes to continue to add animals as well as crops to their farm with the desire to be able to provide produce to local restaurants and neighbors. Bran and Ash were high school sweethearts and now with 4 kids in tow, they are making a beautiful life running a contracting business and their farm and they sure do mean a lot to me:) 

Ashley is my beautiful sister and one of my best friends. I always felt funny in high school having the desire to stay home with my family on a Friday night, but I really did see them as my closest friends. And what a blessing it is now as an adult to have such a long and sweet relationship with my sister as we raise our kids together and start our families with each others support and company. I called it introversion when I was younger, but really now I think God just blessed me with the friends that I needed in my life and happened to put them in my family:) 

You can see more of Furnace Road Farm over on Instagram!

For this shoot I did my favorite combination of a little bit (ok a lot-a-bit) of film and some digital. I developed the film at Citizens Photo and Horace scanned it at home on our Pakon. 

If you’re interested in your own lifestyle family session, shoot me a message! p.s. you don’t have to live on a farm to have amazing photos yourself:)

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